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Northeast Remsco, part of the JAG Companies, Inc. portfolio, participated in JAG’s Annual Staff Safety Meeting in January. More than 125 employees from craft management, project management and executive management attended the meeting, representing Caldwell Marine International, Huxted Tunneling and ECI Drilling International, in addition to Northeast Remsco.

President and CEO Roly Acosta, who serves on the ACCNJ Board, was one of the keynote speakers, along with Chief Financial Officer Marcelo Afonso, Counsel Tom Johnson, Corporate Safety Director Dan Ratyniak, Paul Demattie of The Crosby Group and electrical safety subject matter expert Don Oxley. Presentations covered the JAG corporate safety culture, incident reporting, legal and insurance liabilities, electrical safety and rigging safety. All the attendees participated in creating a JHA to cover a hypothetical work task.

The emphasis was on the corporate philosophy that safety is everyone’s responsibility, with all employees empowered to halt operations until an unsafe situation or practice is rectified. Roly Acosta delivered the closing remarks, stressing the continued commitment to a safe working environment for every employee, as summarized by the corporate safety statement: SAFETY. It’s not optional.

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