Northeast Remsco Construction Celebrates Our 45th Anniversary

Northeast Remsco Construction Celebrates Our 45th Anniversary

What began as a dream for a young boy from Cuba, to build a better life for himself and his family and to live a life of freedom in America, has truly come to fruition for our Chairman of JAG Companies – Juan A. Gutierrez.

Juan founded Northeast Utilities, Inc. 45 years ago.  The company’s initial focus was on sewer and water pipelines in New Jersey.  Throughout the years, the company added construction disciplines, expanded geographic reach, and integrated another company to form what is now Northeast Remsco Construction, Inc.

Today you will find NRC operating in multi-states constructing treatment plants, installing utilities, and mining with our extensive fleet of MTBMs.  However, we never forget where we came from, how it all started, and all the people that helped us get here.

In 2011, Juan stepped into the role of Chairman and named Roly Acosta as President and CEO of the company.  Roly continues to lead the charge in pursuit of the vision and dream that began 45 years ago.  With support from Juan, second-generation leadership, a strong management team, and a dedicated troop of employees, Northeast Remsco Construction is prepared for the next 45 years.

Juan and the Gutierrez family are grateful to the entire team of NRC, all the JAG Companies, our Clients, and vendors for their support, and guidance these last 45 years.  We recognize that it is only with TEAM ACCOMPLISHMENT and a strong WORK ETHIC that NRC has been able to earn their strong REPUTATION to reach this extraordinary milestone,

Juan Gutierrez a few years before starting Northeast Remsco Construction in March of 1978.

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At Northeast Remsco Construction Reputation, Work Ethic, and Team Accomplishment are our Core Values. As a New Jersey Construction company, we specialize in heavy civil, treatment plant, infrastructure, and underground utility construction projects located in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast United States. Since its founding in 1978, Northeast Remsco has used its management resources and engineering support team to partner with our clients to solve problems and complete projects on time and under budget, making us one of the most sought-after contractors in the industry. Our best-in-class fleet of microtunneling equipment and 25 years of trenchless experience makes us the heavy civil contractors of choice for minimally disruptive installation of utilities under roadways, rivers, and railroads. Northeast Remsco Construction is a Hispanic-owned, MBE certified contractor with the National Minority Diversity Supplier Council as well as select agencies.National Minority Supplier Development Council

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Our utilities division provides underground utility construction services for both public and private owners in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. We construct and rehabilitate storm and sanitary sewers, street and sidewalk amenities, and water mains.

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As a premier microtunneling company, Northeast Remsco Construction uses a variety of trenchless installation techniques to install utilities. These include microtunneling, auger-bore, pipe jacking, liner plate tunneling, guided boring (pilot tube), and hand mining, beneath roadways, railroad tracks, and waterways.

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We specialize in constructing, rehabilitating, and expanding heavy civil projects from major transportation roads and centers, to environmentally sensitive areas. Our work has included but is not limited to bridges, railroad structures, specialty dams and highway improvements.

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Northeast Remsco has constructed numerous Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants and upgrades. These include State of the Art Membrane Filter Plants, Traditional Flocc/Sed, and DAF Treatment facilities, as well as numerous Combine Heat and Power Facilities in existing plants that run on Digester or Landfill Gas.

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At Northeast Remsco Construction, we know that each project needs tailored solutions and unique focus. The quality of our work is the driving force of our success and we are committed to making each and every job the very best for our clients. For more information regarding our heavy civil construction services, please contact our team here.

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