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Water Treatment Plant Construction

Northeast Remsco Construction has worked with numerous Owners and Engineers to construct and upgrade both water and wastewater treatment plants in New Jersey and New York City. We have successfully completed work for public and private facilities and have been involved in Design- Build, GMP, and fixed price project delivery methods.

A Proven Treatment Plant Construction Process You Can Trust

Our team of experts work hand in hand with engineering and operations to ensure proper planning and execution to deliver the project the right way and on schedule. We self-perform the majority of the work and have our project management team on site to monitor quality and production while insuring that the work is done safely. We pride ourselves with providing creative solutions to extremely difficult deep and wet excavations and work in tightly congested existing facilities.

Our project resume includes state of the art membrane filter plants for both water and wastewater treatment, Odor control systems, DAF treatment and traditional treatment plant technologies, and have completed numerous bypasses of existing flows exceeding 80 MGD. We have converted sludge digester systems to combined heat and power generation to provide plants with alternative power sources and have installed cogeneration systems for landfill applications.

Treatment Plant Construction that Delivers Every Time

Northeast Remsco Construction has constructed and upgraded numerous water and wastewater treatment plants in NJ and NYC including state of the art membrane filter plants, traditional flocc/sed, and DAF treatment facilities. In addition, we have also completed treatment plant construction on numerous combine heat and power facilities in existing plants that run on digester or landfill gas. 

Our team of experts self-performs the majority of our treatment plant construction work including excavation, piling, concrete, mechanical equipment, and piping installation. Our experience includes work for public and private facilities as well as design-build projects. Regardless of the job type, owner, specific needs or requirements of the treatment plant construction, or any other factor, Northeast Remsco Construction is here to help.

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Northeast Remsco Construction About Us Treatment Plant

View Some of Our Treatment Plant Construction Projects

Park Avenue Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades

Upgrade to include granular activated carbon (GAC) treatment for removal of per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) at the 12 million gallon per day (mgd) groundwater facility.  Major work included:  aggregate piers, underslab carbon steel piping, backwash waste tank, mechanical piping and equipment, 20 GAC vessels with carbon media, 5kV switchgear installation, and diesel generator installation.

Location: South Plainfield, NJ
Date: Completion November 2023
Owner: Middlesex Water Company

Northeast Remsco Construction Sayreville Pump Construction
Northeast Remsco Construction Water Treatment Plant Construction in Progress
Northeast Remsco Construction Sayreville Pump

Sayreville Pump Station

Flood Mitigation and Permanent Restoration of Sayreville. The treatment plant construction project included improvements to the electrical systems and the construction of a perimeter flood wall that was approximately 1,700 feet long and constructed with a designed top elevation of 21 feet above sea level.

Location: Sayreville, NJ
Date: 2017-2021
Owner: Middlesex County Utilities Authority (MCUA)

Water Treatment Plant Rehabilitation

Upgrades included the construction of new Biological Reactors/Secondary Clarifiers, several new buildings and a new Flare.  Retrofitted existing Influent Pump Station/Headworks Building, Blower Building, Digester Building, and Aeration Tanks.

Installed all required underground utilities needed for the WWTP Upgrade.  Constructing the new effluent outfall in the Hudson River approximately 200 feet from shore.  New outfall pipes will be installed using a trenchless method beneath an active CONRAIL track.

Location: West Point Garrison, NY
Date: September 2023
Owner: American Water Military Services

Anaerobic Sludge Digester & Combined Heat and Power Facilities

Scope of Work:

  • Modified existing and installed new yard piping, including utilities required for Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Facility installation
  • Constructed new SSF consisting of five new liquid sludge storage tanks and process building
  • Modified existing sludge storage facility to convert it to the new Anaerobic Digestion Facility
  • Constructed new Bio Gas storage tank and emergency enclosed flare, including electrical and control systems
  • Modified existing Sludge Thickening Facility to allow for installaltion of new Sludge Screw Thickener System, sludge pumps, piping and controls, and upgrade the existing polymer system
  • Modified the existing plant’s SCADA system to include control of the new facilities and the CHP facility
  • Constructed new Vehicle Storage Enclosure
  • Modified existing odorous air ductwork system in the sludge dryer facility
  • Start up and testing of new facilities to fulfill requirements of the Performance Test

Location: Camden, NJ
Date: June 2020
Owner: Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority

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